Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Intricate Ink Animals In Detail Volume 2

My passion for drawing animals and collaborative coloring

by Tim Jeffs

25 images to color in a casebound book on high-quality paper

Available to order here:

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The past year has been one of the most creative years in all of my artistic career. After publishing my first coloring book "Intricate Ink Animals In Detail" in January 2016 and having it enjoyed by so many wonderful colorists from around the world I was humbled by the overwhelming response to it. A passion for drawing has always driven me to draw constantly, but the incredible feedback I received through social media made me step up my drawing game to levels I couldn't even imagine I could achieve. There was constant encouragement to publish a second coloring book and I was thrilled at the idea!

My first book took over 2 years to create. It consisted of 50 drawings that took me over 40 hours each to draw. All of my drawings are created by hand with either pen and ink or colored pencil, and I pride myself of working this way even if it is much slower and time consuming than creating art on the computer as many artist do today. Also I am not a full time artist. By day I am a Creative Director of a publishing company and therefore the time I have to draw is only at night, so this effects the amount of drawings I can produce.

A hunger for more animals to color

My passion to create art is all about enjoying what I am drawing, enriching people's love for animals and sharing my art with them to color. And after the success of my first book and a hunger by the users of it to have new drawings to color I knew waiting over 2 years to release another book would be too long. So instead I decided to finish 25 drawings to be included in Volume 2 and release the book in half the time. I choose animals species that intrigued me to draw, posed challenges to color for the users with the animals intricate details, and many animals that are endangered or threatened. Some of my very favorite animals like elephants, chameleons and owls that were in volume 1 I choose to do other species of the same animal to show their amazing diversity.

So after a year in the making I am so happy to announce that “Intricate Ink Animals In Detail Volume 2” is now available to order, color, and enjoy! Many of the animals in Volume 2 were suggestions from the users of Volume 1. This collaboration between me and the coloring artist has been so wonderful to experience. And I am so proud of the beautiful and extremely high-quality books that Pomegranate Communications of Portland, Oregon has published and produced for me. They are the leaders in publishing artist books and merchandise, and it shows in their care to create such a beautifully packaged hardcover casebound book printed with thick interior paper. It's perfect for coloring with any medium you can imagine.

An animal lover's coloring community is born!

After my first book was published last January an extremely talented nature photographer and colorist, Jo Warren, contacted me and asked me if I had thought about setting up a Facebook Coloring Group to have a home to bring all the users of my books together. It was truly a brilliant idea, and now after a year of the group being established the members have grown to over 7 thousand! Along with Jo’s amazing administration skills and my desire to interact directly with the coloring artist, it has become a coloring community where colorists can be inspired by other’s work, share ideas and tips about coloring, learn facts about the animals that I draw, enter contests for prizes, and watch the progress of new drawings and projects as I create them. 

Creating a Circle of Creativity

Having this direct contact with the users of my book from all around the world, many that have become social media friends, is a truly incredible way of becoming inspired myself. This creative environment really motivates me like nothing I have ever encountered before. These coloring artists are incredibly talented thinkers and constantly amaze me with their work! Seeing the vast and imaginative ways they finish my drawings with color is extremely creative and motivates me to continue the collaborative circle by producing more drawings for them. I owe so much of my creative drive over the last few years directly to their support, and want to personally thank them for it. I hope everyone enjoys coloring the new animals from Volume 2 as much as I had creating them! Happy coloring to all!

Below are a few of my drawings for the book as I created them

The Color Proofs from the Printer

The first advanced copy from Pomegranate

Thanks to all the colorists who's support made these books become a reality!


Tim Jeffs is an American artist best known for his intricate and highly detailed drawings of animals. He has received global attention for his artwork, and his artwork has sold worldwide in more than 15 countries. Using only black ink pens and colored pencils he continues to bring animals to life through his ongoing series of portrait illustrations. His drawings capture even the smallest details of each animal’s fur, skin texture, and patterns. His artwork and his love of animal conservation has lead Tim to help raise animal awareness and research funding for well known organizations and conservation groups.

His works can be seen at: