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Intricate Ink Animals In Detail Volume 4

Three's a Charm Plus 1!

by Tim Jeffs

25 images to color in a casebound book on high-quality paper

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My animal coloring book kingdom just grew to four volumes! With the release of 25 all new animal drawings in my latest coloring book "Intricate Ink Animals in Detail Volume 4" colorists will now have a total of 125 of my drawings to color. I'm overwhelmed with excitement to release the 4th coloring book in this series. The drawings in this book took me almost 6 months to complete and I'm so excited to see how they will be creatively colored. Published by Pomegranate Communications of Portland Oregon it is another beautifully printed casebound coloring book with a special lay-flat binding and sturdy flexible cover. It's the same size as my previous three coloring books 8 1/2" x 11" and each coloring page is blank on the back so they can be cut out and displayed after coloring. It's been another ground breaking year of creativity for me and the support and inspiration I have received from my social media followers has been more than I could have ever imagined! The outpouring of joy from animal lovers and colorists from around the world to color in my books has driven me to draw more than I ever have in years past.

A Very Special Cover
The drawing of the sea turtle on the cover of volume 4 was inspired by a very special moment in my life and the very first time I encountered a sea turtle face to face in the ocean while scuba diving. It was on the island of Owaho in Hawaii during the very first night dive I had ever done. The boat me and my brother Tony were diving on anchored just beyond the breaking waves of the shore on a coral reef that was in about 30 feet of water. I just love Night diving. It's when all the life in the ocean comes alive and the coral reef explodes with color from the beam of your dive light. We explored the reef and slowly swam closer to shore. As we approached the breaking waves that were rolling by us about 10 feet over our heads the ocean became filled with millions of tiny blue lights from the movement of waves, as well as our hand and flippers. This occurs when bioluminescent plankton get disturbed in the water by movement. Bioluminescent means "glow in the dark". It looks like blue fireworks going off all around you. It's one of the most incredibly beautiful things I have ever witnessed. While I was mesmerized by this blue light show out of the inky darkness of the water and swimming directly at me comes a sea turtle. The sea turtle was so peaceful and swam by me and landed on a ledge of the coral reef and peered back at me as if to say "cool light show!" A moment I will never forget was the connection between the peacefulness of a turtle, the glowing ocean and the night. 

Educating myself as well as others
I've included in this volume 25 new animals, many that are endangered or threatened. Like the Axolotl which only lives in Mexico City. With it's remarkable healing abilities, it can regenerate a lost limb perfectly and is over 1,000 times more resistant to cancer than mammals. Axolotl's are currently classified as critically endangered and are on the annual Red List of threatened species. Also, The Diademed Safaka Lemur which only lives in the wild on the Island of Madagascar. It’s the world's largest living lemur and another critically endangered species. As I decide which animals I want to draw and include in my books a big consideration is to pass on the fragile state that many of these animals are facing and hopefully educate others to the need for conservation efforts to save them. Below is a image that shows all of the animals that I have included in Volume 4.

Extended Acknowledgements
This book is for Jane, Jenna and Harrison
With thanks to all the colorists who have enjoyed coloring my animal drawings as much as I have enjoyed creating them. A very special thank you to my loving father and mother Joseph and Jeannine, Jo Warren for her continued social media expertise, and to the wonderful people at Tombow including Akihiro Ogawa, Shunsuke Imaoka, Kimihito Tanaka, Jeff Hinn, Alex Deedy, Devan Hiers, Brittany Cofer Luiz, Cathy Bagby Daniel and the whole Tombow Team. Their incredible support and high quality line of products have made creating these drawings so much easier. All of the drawings in the book were created using Tombow's Irojiten colored pens, graphite pencils and black ink pens.

Here are all of the animals that are in Intricate Ink Volume 4

I feel so honored to have 4 published coloring books by Pomegranate!

A circle of creativity continues to grow

Many of the animals in Volume 4 were also suggestions from the users of Volume 1, 2 and 3. This collaboration between me and the coloring artist has been so wonderful to experience. Having direct contact with the users of my book from all around the world, many that have become social media friends, is a truly incredible way of becoming inspired myself. This creative environment really motivates me like nothing I have ever encountered before. These coloring artists are incredibly talented thinkers and constantly amaze me with their work! Seeing the vast and imaginative ways they finish my drawings with color is extremely creative and motivates me to continue the collaborative circle by producing more drawings for them. I owe so much of my creative drive over the last few years directly to their support, and want to personally thank them for it. 

An animal lover's coloring community 
with over 7,000 members

Colored and uncolored page of the Sea Turtle from Volume 4
Creative coloring of the Sea Turtle by Jo Warren

Sharing my creative knowledge on YouTube

I'm very excited to announce that I am launching a YouTube Channel. It will become a place where I can give back creativity to the community of colorists that have made publishing my books possible. Going forward I will post videos talking about how I approach drawing and coloring. I'll share my drawing techniques and the tools I use to create my drawings and also take users of my books through step by step instructional videos of how fun my animal drawings can be to color. I'll also post videos as I create my animal drawings letting people experience my drawing process from the initial idea of a drawing to the published product. Please subscribe and join me in being more creative together!

Below are work in process pictures
of the drawings from Intricate ink Volume 4

The Color Proofs from the Printer

Thanks to all the colorists whose support made these books become a reality!

Animal Contents List for Intricate Ink Animals in Detail Volume 4

1. African Wild Dog
2. Axolotl
3. Clownfish
4. Cormorant
5. Diademed Sifaka Lemur
6. Dragonfly 2
7. Golden Lion Tamarin
8. Goliath Grouper
9. Green Pheasant
10. Horned Lizard
11. Kakapo
12. Kiwi
13. Longhorn Cowfish
14. Manatee
15. Peruvian Pelican
16. Rainbow Grasshopper
17. Right Whale
18. Sable Antelope
19. Sally Lightfoot Crab
20. Sea Turtle 4
21. Thorny Devil
22. Timber Wolf 
23. Veiled Chameleon 
24. Victoria Crowned Pigeon
25. Wild Horse


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Tim Jeffs is an American artist best known for his intricate and highly detailed drawings of animals. He has received global attention for his artwork, and his artwork has sold worldwide in more than 15 countries. Using only black ink pens and colored pencils he continues to bring animals to life through his ongoing series of portrait illustrations. His drawings capture even the smallest details of each animal’s fur, skin texture, and patterns. His artwork and his love of animal conservation has lead Tim to help raise animal awareness and research funding for well known organizations and conservation groups.

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