Friday, May 17, 2013

Dad's Book is Printed and Available

The Blarney Boy & other short stories

by Joseph Jeffs

The first copies of my Dad's book are hot off the press, The Blarney Boy and other short stories. Decades in the making, my Dad's creative works are finally in printed form for all to enjoy. It's a 256 page 5.5" x 8.5" perfect bound book with a gloss laminated cover.  If you would like a signed copy for a discounted friends & Family rate of $12.00, send a check or money order with shipping information to:

Joseph Jeffs
Peter Pun Press
835 Bowie Road
Rockville, MD 20852

If you would like to contact the author for any questions or comments you can either email him at or call him at 301-762-1886. Below is a short explanation about the book from Joe, a few reviews, including one from William Peter Blatty author of the Exorcist, and an about the author. Congratulations Dad!! It was an honor to design the book and illustrate the cover for you. Readers ENJOY!

About the Book

Introduction by Joe Jeffs: Readers will note that many of these stories relate to the foibles of or incidents in the life of Irish-Americans. This reflects my upbringing in the Irish side of my family. The Irish have a long history of story telling and I suspect that I have inherited a wee bit of those national genes. To see in an activity, an event or emotion the seed of a story and then to fertilize it with your imagination is the essence for creating a short story. A corollary to this is the need to allot regular time for the actual writing and revision. Alas! At the latter I have been an abject failure. Thus, my output has been quite modest—a total of 20 or so finished stories and parts of a novella and novel. This collection contains a baker’s dozen of the short stories. I hope my readers will find as much pleasure in reading as I did in writing them. Erin go bragh!


These stories by a talented writer will bring pleasure to a wide variety of readers. The title story (The Blarney Boy) should make Bill Gates check his family tree; and The survivor will nudge historians of the Titanic disaster to add another dimension to their accounts of individual survivors; the exploration of vengeance as a possible virtue in Froggy, and a special audience with Pope Pius XII by an American bartender and its disastrous consequences in The man who lied to Peter are some of the themes that Jeffs explores in these well crafted stories. I highly recommend this book.
William Peter Blatty Author of the Exorcist

Like J.F. Powers and Frank O’Connor before him, the short stories of Joseph Jeffs ring with authenticity. His characters and themes emerge clearly and with narrative leaps of a finely tuned imagination. An authority on books, Jeffs has now produced one of his own in a noble tradition. Serious readers, everywhere, will be grateful.
William Claire, Founding Editor of Voyages (Magazine) 

About The Author

Joseph Jeffs Retired from careers as a University Library Director and proprietor of an Internet rare book business, Joseph Jeffs now spends his time writing fiction, reading, traveling and enjoying the activities associated with his family (8 children, 22 grandchildren and one great-grand child). He is long time resident of Rockville, Md., where he rattles around the now empty nest with his wife, Jeannine.

Joe (the author), Jeannine, Jane, and Harrison Jeffs. April 2013

Joe, Jeannine, Tim, and Harrison Jeffs. April 2013

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