Friday, September 27, 2013

Now it's Personal!

Helping to Save the Jaguars of Panama

Drawing "Darien" for the Panama Wildlife Conservation

Exclusive Conservation Print Available for purchase. 
A percentage of each sale will go directly to help Panama's amazing Jaguars

Darien. 11x17" Ballpoint Pen and Ink wash

When I opened an email from Dr Luis Urena, a Panamanian Biologist living in London, a few weeks ago I instantly stop what I was doing. After seeing my artwork and my love of  animals he wrote me requesting assistance in developing  a piece of art to promote his cause, saving jaguars in his native Panama. He had decided to start a Conservation group for Panama called "Panama Wildlife Conservation" and was dedicating his time and efforts into building awareness and saving Panama's incredible natural resources and endangered animals.

Darien.  Copyright © 2013 Luis Urena

Attached to his email were personals photos that he had taken of Darien, a rescued jaguar from the illegal animal trade in Panama. Darien is living in Summit Botanical Gardens and is being rehabilitatedAs soon as I saw his absolutely beautiful photos of Darien my thoughts were "I have to be a part of this!" The photos he send me (you can see more of them lower on this post) were so intimate, such up-close and personal images of this absolutely incredible creature. As I looked at the images I felt like I was looking into the eyes of a animal that I knew.

I instantly connected with Luis's photos because they took on the same purpose as my drawing. To have to viewer stop, and look into the face, into the eyes, of creature that needs help, that has feeling and emotions, and has astonishing beauty. Something all of us need to realize and make a different in protecting.

I wrote back to Luis and told him I wouldn't do a commission for him, but instead would gladly volunteer to create a piece for his cause which he could then use for his organization. It was my first chance to use my art for the purpose of giving something back to the animals I love so much.

Over the next 3 days I drew Darien and send the finished drawing back to Dr Urena, which he was very excited about and immediately implemented into the image to promote his cause. My Darien drawing will be printed on t-shirts, coffee mugs and other merchandise to raise Charitable funds for Conservation efforts in Panama. Something I am very proud to be a part of. I'm also going to contribute a percentage of any sales that I make of my "Darien" print in my shop to the Panama Wildlife Conservation. I'm offering a variety of prints of Darien for sale which you can see here:

My hope is to do this for other endangered animals. I love to draw, I love animals, and I love to draw animals, and if something I love to do can help the subjects that make me motivated to create, then I've finally made the personal connection I've been looking for.

Detail of the Darien's head

Detail of the Darien's eyes. How can you resist him!

Darien's drawing in process. 

Working on his eyes

Here the head is almost complete. 

Meet Darien

Photos Copyright © 2013 Luis Urena
Summit Park wildlife rehabilitation center, Panama


  1. Hi Tim.
    I love this amazing drawing of beautiful Darien. This goes on my christmas wishlist ;)

    Thank you for sharing his story.

    - Bettina

    1. Bettina. Thank you so much to taking the time to stop by my blog, look at my art, and comment. That is so kind of you. His story was so important to tell and I feel so lucky to have been apart of it. And if you do purchase a print of Darien, please know that part of your purchase will go directly to help jaguar conservation.
      All the best,
      Tim Jeffs

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  3. Darien is such a beautiful creature! He and his kinds deserve to be protected. They’re getting endangered now. I wish you can still encourage more people to volunteer and help protect their kin.

    Alison Perris

  4. Tim I absolutely love these drawings of Darien. So many wildlife species have been lost over the last century. The majority have been caused by the habits & practices of humans. It is on my fight list for the health & rights of everything on this planet. We have in the past, & are causing so much damage. It is so heartwarming to hear you are dedicated to many of the same things. It is awesome that you were so honored. At the same time, your work really expresses both the animal's characteristics, & the individual expression through their eyes. I am always delighted to see your next piece.

    1. Hi Robin. It is so nice to hear that you are concerned about the tragic situation that so many animals face today. Thank you very much for your kind words about my art and I am truly honored to be able to have my drawing of Darien represent Panama Wildlife Conservations wonderful mission of saving Panama's animals!