Sunday, September 13, 2020

 Reptiles is Here! 

A Brand New Digital Download Coloring Book

by Tim Jeffs


My latest Digital Coloring Book is available


It's a Special Edition Coloring Book which includes 15 detailed Reptile drawings coloring pages, including 5 Dinosaurs and a coloring lesson. You'll find unique illustrations of the following Reptiles: • Armadillo girdled lizard • Attenborough’s fan-throated lizard • Bush Viper • Green Sea Turtle • Iguana • Komodo Dragon • Lesser Chameleon • Mosasaurus (Dinosaur!) • Mountain Horned Dragon • Parasaurolophus (Dinosaur!) • Pinocchio Lizard • Stegosaurus (Dinosaur!) • Thorny Devil • Triceratops (Dinosaur!) • Tyrannosaurus Rex (Dinosaur!) • 


Bonus! Tyrannosaurus Rex Coloring Lesson. Colorist Jo warren and I show you, step-by-step, how to color the King of the Lizards! • 


Happy Coloring Everyone! 


And a Special Thank you to Jo Warren for her amazing T-Rex how too coloring and Tim O’Brien for all his Marketing expertise!

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